Three Sixty Media is a marketing company specializing in content media.  Photography, Videography and Engaging Activities around photos or video.  

Their mandate is to work with companies that want a dedicated team of creatives working to improve the visibility and the engagement level of consumers for their clients.

There is no magic pill that will ignite your business.  The overnight success is years in the making through constant work and innovation.

We strive to accelerate that gap for our clients by not only producing content, but exploring and assisting clients in finding their compass.

In 2018, Three Sixty split off their Life Division and rebranded it under the Matte Box Memories brand.  Even though many of the core values are consistent to both brands, the team felt it was better serving our clients in both divisions to give them both their own voice.

But whether you engage with Three Sixty or Matte Box, you are engaging in a team that cares about the client more than anything.  

A Crafted Experience